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Dear Candidate:

Re: Hydrofluorosilicic acid added to Edmonton's water

Please provide your position on the practice of adding hydrofluorosilicic acid to Edmonton's water drinking water. Your answer will be shared with thousands of Edmonton votors on our list. Our membership is growing. All are concerned with safety of our water.

We take raw water from the river; put it through expensive chemical and filtration processes until it is drinkable. Then, once purified, we put in a dangerous, highly hazardous, toxic waste substance in it called hydrofluorosilicic acid (that Edmonton purchases from an industrial plant in Wyoming) that also contains lead, arsenic, mercury, uranium238 and other denatured elements, some of which are cancer-causing (carcinogenic) and neurotoxic. Does that make sense to you?

In light of the fact that:

1. the City wastes over 100% of the tax dollars used to provide fluoridation using hydrofluorosilicic acid to the small minority of persons purported to derive a benefit, that is, tooth decay, even while this notion is now completely debunked: fluoride's only possible effects are topical!

2. it is well recognized in the scientific literature that fluoride substances in drinking water cause irreversible dental and bone fluorosis, exacerbates and may even cause numerous degenerative diseases,

3. the fluoride substance used to fluoridate Edmonton?s drinking water, hydrofluorosilicic acid, is an unapproved, untreated, unpurified and untested, highly hazardous, toxic waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry that serves as unmitigated mass medication, without medical oversight,

4. fluoridation infringes on everyone's constitutional right to informed consent to medication, and,

5. fluoridation is in contravention of Health Canada's own regulations, in spite of their promotion of fluoridation, shouldn't you be one of those working for the health and well-being of Edmonton residents by bringing about the cessation of this dangerous and unhealthy practice of using hydrofluorosilicic acid in our water?


The non-fluoridated provinces of British Columbia and Québec have a nearly equal rate of cavities to the most fluoridated provinces of Alberta and Ontario, so it is obvious that fluoridation has no impact on reducing tooth decay.
Since 1990, 38 cities have made the wise choice of discontinuing this doubtful and harmful practice, most recently:

-Fort Saint John, BC (Jul. 2009)
-Slave Lake, AB (Oct 1, 2011)
-Taber, AB (Jul. 18, 2011)
-Calgary, AB (Feb. 8, 2011)
-Drayton Valley, AB (Dec. 31, 2008)
-Meadow Lake, SK (Jul 4, 2011)
-Churchill, MB (Oct 18. 2011)
-Flin Flon, MB (Jun. 2011)
-Cranberry Portage, MB (Jan. 1, 2009)
-Waterloo, ON (Oct. 25, 2010)
-Thunder Bay, ON (Jul. 21, 2009)
-CFB Kingston, ON (May 2008)
-Verchères, QC (Feb. 7, 2011)
-Dryden, ON (Apr. 15, 2008)
-Thorold, ON (Feb. 22, 2008)
-Québec City, QC (Apr. 1, 2008)
-Edmonton, AB (?????????)

With more cities moving to do the same very soon, as well as a growing number of U.S. cities, is it not incumbent upon you to help bring our City in line with the current trend and the current evidence on the adverse health effects of adding hydrofluorosilic acid to our water supply?

Promoters of adding hydrofluorosilic acid to our water supply will warn of dire consequences for tooth decay resulting from ending the practice, that are completely without foundation while parroting the tired old canard that it is safe and effective. The very contrary is self-evident when all the currently known research and science on the subject are examined. It is best to resist the urge to bend to the medical bureaucrats who, while accusing their opponents of ignorance of the facts and the science, know very little about these same facts and science. Their silence is deafening when asked for tangible and valid proof of their claims.

The costs of purchasing hydrofluorosilicic acid for the fluoridation of our drinking water, the capital cost of equipment and the overhead costs are not justifiable when the best that can be shown for artificial drinking water fluoridation is that it can only save one sixth of one tooth surface out of 128 tooth surfaces in a child's mouths.

Coupled with the fact that less than 1% of our treated water is actually used for actual drinking and thus only that small percentage gets to the teeth for it?s yet to be proven purported benefit, this further magnifies the futility of using this acid as a fluoridation agent. Think about this for a moment: the other 99% is flushed down toilets and into drains from sinks, dishwashers, clothes washers, showers, bathtubs and for various house cleanings, as well as for washing cars, driveways, windows and exterior house walls in addition to firefighting and many commercial and industrial uses. That means that it ends up in the environment where it has been banned from being ejected by the EPA because it is classified as a toxic waste product.

How is it possible that when this highly toxic acid waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry is put into a truck and sold to our water utilities to fluoridate our tap water, it is magically transformed into a drug beneficial to children's teeth?

It is past midnight in this ill-fated discussion over a practice that started out as the fraudulent marketing of a toxic waste product of the phosphate fertilizer and aluminum industries for profit, while taunting it as a false remedy for tooth decay. Shouldn't you now resolve to take up the torch that is offered to you to bring about the cessation of adding hydrofluorosilic acid to Edmonton?s water supply by current circumstances all over western countries? Our group is prepared to supply you with enough tangible proof of the above statements and of other matters related to this most deplorable use of a highly hazardous, toxic waste substance to insure your full understanding of the enormity
of the error in continuing with this out-dated practice.

I am looking for your personal response to the points raised in this letter. A prepared statement by the MOH would be most disingenuous on your part, so please do not respond with either the MOH or DOH standard statement. I am all too familiar with these statements that are full of misrepresentations of facts and misleading, unproven and recently debunked statements, not the least of which is the false claim that the WHO endorses water fluoridation. Every statement made in this letter can be substantiated by currently available data from scientific research or from other reliable sources.

Will you please commit to bringing an end to injection of hydrofluorosilicic acid used for the fluoridation of our municipal water supply, by putting forward a motion for a moratorium on this wasteful and unlawful practice until hard, verifiable and valid data are available about its benefits? Our growing group of activists will provide you with all the support you need to accomplish whichever choice you make.

Mostly we wish to know if you believe the risk of hydrofluorosilicic acid is worth it? If you are against taking action to stop hydrofluorosilicic acid in our water supply, please explain why you feel our elderly, sick, children, pets, and those with kidney disease, thyroid disease, brain disease, heart disease...are worth the risk of adverse consequence to hydrofluorosilicic acid? If you are for the removal of hydrofluorosilicic acid we wish to hear that too.

How about at least letting me know if you are in favor of or just plain still undecided on ending adding hydrofluorosilic acid to our water supply?

We look forward to your reponse. Thank you for your time.

Karen Stephens
We Deserve Safe Water

Date sent: 2013/10/04 02:06:22
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